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2023-01-03 12:39:51 By : Mr. Pancheng Li

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While not everyone has the budget for the best cordless drills, saving money doesn’t mean you have to completely abandon performance. The Masterforce 20V Ultra Compact Brushless Drill looks like a compelling option with its sub-$100 price tag. Is it worth it? We got our hands on it to find out! Steelmilled Tooth Tricone Bit

On paper, Masterforce offers up to 1850 RPM and 525 in-lbs of torque from its brushless motor. For a compact drill, that’s nothing to shake a stick at. Take Milwaukee’s M18 Compact Brushless drill driver (model 2801) for example. It tops out at 1800 RPM with 500 in-lbs of torque. Or take Makita’s Sub-Compact XFD15. With 1700 RPM and 350 in-lbs of torque, It’s even further behind.

The point is that Masterforce built one of the most capable compact drills on the market, even when you throw professional brands in the mix.

Masterforce uses a typical 2-speed metal gearbox. High runs at 1850 RPM and low reaches 500 RPM. The clutch collar also includes 17 clutch settings, plus drilling mode.

With its 1/2-inch chuck, you can use just about any drill bit you like. The full range of twist bits through 1/2 an inch in both wood and metal is relevant. Spade bits up to 1 1/4 inches are in our comfort zone with this model. For hole saws and self-feed bits, we’d set the limit around 1 1/2 inches. The motor can actually go a bit higher, but the lack of a side handle with that much force can create a painful teachable moment.

As for being compact, Masterforce certainly gets the size right. The head is 5.8 inches from tip to tail and can work in some pretty tight spaces.

The weight is very reasonable as well. It’s 2.2 pounds bare and the 2.0Ah battery that comes in the kit brings it up to 3.3 pounds. If you happen to have a Boost battery and want a little extra performance, the overall weight is still 3.3 pounds with the 2.5Ah pack.

Looking at the Ultra Compact drill compared to Masterforce’s Boost model shows us the difference in both size and performance.

There are a couple of ways to get your hands on this drill. As a kit with two 2.0Ah batteries, a charger, and a soft carry bag, it’s $99.00 at Menards. As far as drills under $100.00 go, it’s a really good option. That’s a sale price, though, and it goes back up to $110.99 on January 2, 2023.

You can also get it as part of a combo kit with the Ultra Compact Impact Driver with the same batteries for $139.00. It’s part of the same sale and goes back up to $178.98 on January 2 as well.

Looking around at what you can get at a similar price, it’s hard to pass up the Masterforce 20V Brushless Ultra Compact Drill. With performance that exceeds some of the top professional brands and such an approachable price tag, it’s one of the best values currently available.

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