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How to use a ToF laser ranging sensor with Arduino and Wisblock - CNX Software

The WisBlock RAK12014 ToF sensor module adopts ST VL53L0X, the world’s smallest ToF ranging sensor

Laser ranging has many applications in production and life, such as ranging, positioning, obstacle avoidance, and so on. Time-of-Flight (ToF) ranging, as a type of laser ranging technology, is often used for real-time object detection in robots, autonomous vehicles, and traffic management because of its accuracy, fast response, and low power consumption. The face detection function of mobile phones also uses this technology.

This article will introduce the WisBlock RAK12014 ToF laser ranging sensor module, and use the WisBlock development board to demonstrate how the module works.

A ToF laser ranging sensor module uses laser pulses to measure the distance between itself and a target object. The WisBlock RAK12014 ToF laser ranging sensor module is based on STMicro VL53L0X, the smallest ToF ranging sensor in the world.

The WisBlock RAK12014 provides accurate distance measurement and can measure distances up to 2 meters. Its 940nm VCSEL transmitter (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) is completely invisible to the human eye, and coupled with the built-in physical infrared filter, it has a longer ranging distance, and stronger immunity to ambient light. In other words, the sensor provides accurate distance measurements regardless of the target’s reflectivity.

RAK12014 module’s key features and specifications:

The RAK12014 module contains a 24-pin connector compatible with the sensor socket of the WisBlock baseboard. The RAK12014 module can be installed on a WisBlock base (eg RAK5005-O) module through this connector. The pin order and pin definitions of this connector are shown in the figure below.

Note: Only I2C pins, SHUT (reset), INT, 3V3_S, and GND are wired to the connector of this module.

We’ll use RAK12014 in a very typical application: displaying the measured distance on an OLED display.

In this example, we’ll connect the RAK12014 to the RAK 5005-O base, and the distance measurement and the OLED will be controlled through an Arduino sketch running on the RAK4631 module.

List of WisBlock items and cables used for this project:

Here are the specific steps to implement this project:

The ToF laser ranging sensor module can be used in a wide range of applications and scenarios All the data gathered from the sensor could also be uploaded directly to the cloud for real-time analysis. This article mainly shows you how to use the ToF laser ranging sensor module to measure the distance of an object from the sensor.

For reference, please find the complete Arduino sketch for this ToF ranging sensor project:

This is a translation, with some edits, of the tutorial posted in Chinese on CNX Software China.

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How to use a ToF laser ranging sensor with Arduino and Wisblock - CNX Software

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